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Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach
Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach
Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach

Hi. I’m Zoë Dawes, professional Life Coach, intuitive Tarot Reader and friendly Mentor and Gin-Lover. In the past 25 years I have helped thousands of people around the world solve their personal and professional problems, discover their purpose in life and find the spark that motivates them to be their very best self. With many years of experience in business and even more in life, I bring a different perspective, in-depth professional skills and intuitive insights.

My clients are people who want to do something different, big or small in their working or personal life. Clients includes business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals who aim to change their lives, find direction and fulfil their potential.

They may want to learn tarot or read oracle cards to increase their intuitive ability to support problem solving and personal growth.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Dr Seuss. Hello World from Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach

My Life in a Nutshell

Born in Southport in NW England

Moved all over the country whilst growing up, including Reading, Bexhill and Northampton.

Taught English and Drama in a Comprehensive School in Dudley, West Midlands – only lasted 5 years

Lived in Greece for 4 years, teaching English and having the time of my life

Lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for 4 years, working for HSBC and travelling SE Asia

Returned to UK in 1990 and have run my own coaching and tarot business here for 30 years

Was an international Travel Blogger The Quirkjy Traveller for 10 years, having adventures all over the world

Brought up my son in NW England; he now works in London and is the greatest joy in my life

Surviving the pandemic with sense of humour intact, with the help of family, friends, David and lots of gin.

Get in touch about whatever has sparked your interest!

e: [email protected]

m: (0044) 07810 082311

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thequirkycoach

Twitter: @thequirkycoach

Instagram: @thequirkycoach

LinkedIn: Zoe Dawes