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Tarot Coaching

Tarot Coaching is a UNIQUE combination of coaching, tarot and oracle cards to give you clarity, focus and guidance on the issues that a facing you at the moment. It gives you the benefits of in-depth exploration of your challenges, ideas and problems plus insights from specially selected cards and intuitive interpretation. You can choose from a 1-1 private coaching session and monthly Coaching Packages.

Tarot Coaching with Zoe Dawes

Looking for a change in direction? Fed up with the same old, same old story? Feeling unfulfilled or in need of some serious motivation? Tarot Coaching offers you support, guidance and accountability. It’s perfect when you want to change or develop some aspect of your life. It’s especially helpful during this challenging post-Covid (or are we still in it?!) situation, when we need to find some control in a time of great uncertainly.

Tarot Coaching with Zoe provides help with:

  • Finding your SPARK
  • Dealing with change and insecurity
  • Creating a better work-life balance
  • Exploring business, career and job satisfaction
  • Developing personal and professional life skills
  • Promoting independence and abundance
  • Enhancing holistic and spiritual growth

Tarot Coaching sessions are designed to support your unique situation and navigate your way through, with a combination of questioning, listening, feedback, NLP, intuition and tarot card reading. With many years of life and business experience I give you very best guidance and support. You have space and time explore what’s really important to you and find solutions to whatever issues you want to alter.

1-1 Tarot Coaching Session – £177

A Tarot Coaching Zoom Session with me usually takes around 2 hours to enable us to get to grips with your situation, dive deep and find the right anwswers for you. The sessions designed to ensure you get the very most from your time. We spend some time identifying the issue, exploring options and solutions then have an in-depth Tarot Reading using both oracle and tarot cards. At the end of the session you will receive a copy of your card reading layout so you can remember what cards you received.

Tarot Coaching Packages – from £675

Tarot Coaching Packages offer long-term support and guidance to ensure you achieve your goals, realise your dreams and fulfil your potential. Not only do you get regular 1-1 coaching sessions, you have the reassurance of knowing I am here to support you whenever you need it. Packages include:

  • Initial assessment of coaching requirements – 30 minutes
  • Monthly Tarot Coaching sessions 1.5 hours via Zoom
  • Interactive exercises, activities and digital resources
  • Tarot & Oracle Card Readings
  • Unlimited email and phone support

Packages tailored to suit your needs: 3 months @ £675 / 6 months @ £1,200

What others say about Tarot Coaching

“Zoe is an exceptional life coach, very well established with a huge amount of experience. She is not afraid to be direct and lead you on a journey where you make up your own mind what you need to do to shake things up. This is done at your own pace. Being a spiritual person, I naturally wanted to have the amazing Tarot Coaching. All I can say this is not only mind-blowing but a game-changer, giving encouragement to know your on the right path. If you are a sceptic also have a go – be prepared to be amazed! We all need a bit of guidance and Zoe is refreshing coach – what you waiting for?

Jacqueline Robinson ‘The Balance Approach’

“The combination of coaching with tarot works really well for me. The practical focus of being accountable for my actions and then getting some helpful guidance from the cards, makes for a very powerful professional development experience. With Zoe’s support. I’ve been able to move from being stuck in a job that I didn’t really enjoy, to doing something completely different which is very fulfilling – and pays more!”

Ian McDougal Brand Strategist

I had been considering having a Coaching with Cards session with Zoe for some time and I am so, so glad I did. Zoe put me at my ease and we had an enjoyable coaching session before reading my cards. All I can say is ‘WOW!!!’ what an experience and what a wonderful opportunity to ‘take stock’ and uncomplicate life. Should have done this years ago – however this was my right time! Thank you so much Zoe!”

Helen Hoyle ‘Cinderella Me’ Agency

Contact Zoë

If you’d like to have a chat about Tarot Coaching, just email, call, text or message and we can discuss it in more detail. e: [email protected] m: 07810 082311

Tarot Coaching - Unlock your Potential with Zoe Dawes

I also offer Tarot Readings and also teach how to read Oracle and Tarot cards:

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