Find Your SPARK Course

Find Your Spark coaching programme with Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach

Lost your mojo? Not sure what direction your life is going? Stuck at a crossroads?  You can overcome any challenge and become motivated to move forward with willpower and determination. You’ve got what it takes to achieve your goals and overcome any self doubt or even feelings of defeat in certain areas. You just need some support. If you’re reading this, you’re on the right path and there’s nothing to worry about. You can create something truly awesome and embrace the future with new skills, positivity and intuitive insights.

The ‘FIND YOUR SPARK’ course helps you regain your focus, offering support, guidance and personal development in mind, body and spirit. You’ll develop your INTUITION so that you can get the answers you need from your very own ‘personal coach’.

  • Personal fulfilment and life purpose
  • Lifestyle choices and work-life balance
  • Business direction and job satisfaction
  • Abundance and growth
  • Emotional wellbeing and spiritual health

The ‘Find your SPARK‘ Package includes:

  • Initial assessment of coaching requirements
  • Private weekly sessions (minimum 9 hours)
  • Regular heck-in via email/messenger/WhatsApp
  • Exercises, activities and resources
  • Unlimited email and phone support.

Delivery is via Zoom unless otherwise specified. One-off sessions are available on request.

Watch ‘Find Your Spark’ Video

Find out how to use tarot and oracle cards to improve your inuitive powers.

What others say about working with Zoe

Relaxed, thought-provoking, challenging. I really appreciated it when Zoe pulled me back when I didn’t answer questions but never left leave me floundering. She ‘held my hand’ and guided me without actually telling me what I should do. She made a huge difference to the way I work and helped me focus on what’s really important.

Janet Walker: Co-Founder Flock Events & PR

‘Find Your Spark’ Package: 6 sessions – £663

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