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Learn Tarot – Intermediate Course

Learn Tarot Intermediate Course

Learn Tarot Intermediate Course

Learn Tarot Intermediate Course is an interactive, 6-session course of 1.5 hour Zoom lessons where you’ll discover more about the fascinating world of Tarot. You’ll develop your interpretation skills for Major and Minor Arcana cards, learn how to do readings for others, including pairing with oracle cards and study different spreads for your work or personal life. We look at different types of tarot decks, explore the energy of the cards, understand what questions work and learn how to tap into your intuition at a higher level.

This is NOT a digital online course. Professional coach and experienced tarot reader Zoe Dawes will PERSONALLY guide you through this inspirational programme. You will:

SESSION 1: Review of Tarot, its focus and purpose. What is Intuition? Explore Major and Minor Arcana cards and familiarise with suit meanings. Practice 3-card Reading

SESSION 2: Different Tarot Decks and how they can be used. Tips for developing your intuition. Symbolisom in Tarot. Asking the most appropriate questions. Practice 4 card reading

SESSION 3: Using Tarot with Oracle Cards. More tips for developing your intuition. Explore how tarot can help develop your spiritual growth. Answering questions. Practice 5 card reading.

SESSION 4: Linking the cards and developing story-telling skills. Explore intuition v psychic abilities. Undertand how to use the tarot to heal life’s problems. Basic tarot numerology. Practice 6 card reading.

SESSION 5: Story-telling with cards continued. Strengthen intuition and protect yourself during readings. Reversals – to read or not? Handling difficult questions. Practice 7 card reading.

SESSION 6: Different types of spreads for different purposes. Dealing with blocks and barriers. Handling challenging readings. Bringing it all together. 7 card readings using Tarot AND Oracle cards.

It’s ideal for anyone who has completed the Learn Tarot Beginner Course or already has some knowledge of Tarot

What others say:

Really I’m so enjoying my Tarot journey with Tarot and how Zoё teaches & guides me on that journey. I loved the Beginner course and this one is even better. I want to go as far as I can with Tarot. It’s also a great way to develop intuition.  Doing this 1-1 means I can go at a pace that suits me – plus I get readings from Zoё which is a bonus! I thought I knew a little … but in just few weeks, I’ve learnt such a lot more. Sign up – you’ll love it!

Karen Stephens

6 sessions (min 9hours) Personal 1-1 Tuition Zoom Course: £397

Contact Zoё for more details: e: [email protected] m: 07810 082311

Learn Tarot Intermediate Book Here

Zoë Dawes is a professional Life Coach, clairsentient and intuitive tarot card reader. She has been doing card readings and teaching others to read tarot for over 15 years. She offers private card readings, workshops, talks and 1-1 Coaching with the Cards.

Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach