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Oracle Cards – Beginner Course (Zoom)

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading Course with Zoe Dawes

In this enjoyable introductory Oracle Card Reading Course (2 x 1.5 hour Zoom sessions) with professional Life Coach Zoë, you’ll discover the fascinating world of Oracle Cards. You’ll learn what Oracle Cards are, different types of cards and how to care for them. You’ll develop your intuition to read the cards and ask questions.You’ll also learn how to do a simple card spread and practice reading for yourself.

No previous experience needed – just any Oracle deck and a journal.


Thank you so much Zoë for this awesome oracle card reading course ❤️ I’m blown away by how interesting I’m finding it. Along will your clarity & delivery, your reinforcement that no interpretation is wrong takes the pressure off, allowing a more relaxed approach for me to develop my intuition. I can’t wait for your next course!

Deirdre Burton

Oracle Card Reading – Beginner Course

Session 1

  • What are Oracle Cards?
  • Choosing the right deck for you & Caring for your cards
  • Asking Questions
  • Using intuition for card readings
  • Daily Guidance card reading
  • 1 & 2 card readings

Session 2

  • Review of reading practice
  • The Clair Senses and intuition
  • Question Skills and dealing with Challenges
  • 2 and 3 card readings
  • Next steps

Special Offer until July 31st 2022

£99 Zoom Course (usually £180)

Course Facilitator- Zoë Dawes

As a Professional Coach and Tarot Reader I’ve have been using Oracle Cards in client readings for many years. I teach Tarot and Oracle in 1-1 sessions and online courses and love inspiring others to use their intuition to develop self-awareness and guidance. It’s transformative AND fun!

I help my clients achieve success in their work and personal lives by getting focused, becoming more energised and adopting a more positive approach. With over 30 years of experience in business and even more in life, I bring a different perspective, in-depth professional skills and intuitive insights.

Contact Zoё to discuss this easy, enjoyable course!