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Intuitive Leadership

Ever ignored that ‘gut feeling’ and then realised you should have taken notice? Met someone and had a feeling you’ve met before? Walked into a room and felt something wasn’t quite right? Your intuition is at work all the time, givng you messages to help make decisions and solve probelems based on things you already ‘know’ but sometimes choose to ignore. Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or simply passionate about your work and the people you serve? Would you appreciate some support to develop your intuition to achieve your vision and focus your energy?


If so, the INTUITIVE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME is just for you.  During a series of regular Zoom sessions, you will improve your skills and abilities to become the intuitive leader you aspire to be.  The course enable you to recalibrate your Inner Compass as you:

  • Develop your personal style of leadership
  • Create vision and goals that align with your values
  • Enhance your ability to inspire and lead those around you
  • Understand how to overcome leadership challenges using intuition and experience
  • Increase your resilience, energy and compassion at work and play
  • Discover that leadership can be fun!

A key element of the sessions is the opportunity to discuss ideas and learn from business peers who share your professional values and passions.  There will also be guest speakers to talk about their own experiences of leadership and using thier intition to build success and puruse their life path. 

You will practice skills to find practical solutions to your current business issues.  And you will realise your ability to expand the horizons of your business through improving and motivating yourself and others.

Intuitive Leadership Programme Sessions

Module 1                   Leadership & You

Module 2                   Creating Your Vision

Module                     Exploring Your Intuition

Module 3                   Inspiring Others

Module 4                   Embracing Challenge & Opportunity

Module 6                   Aligning Your Purpose with Your Life

The programme is run by Zoë Dawes, an inspirational coach with a significant amount of UK & international personal development and training experience.  Zoë specialises in helping business professionals fulfil their potential and exceed their own capabilities. 

For bookings or further details, contact Zoë at 07810 082311 or [email protected]