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Zoe's Transformational Retreats

What is a Retreat?

A retreat is simply time away from day-to-day living, whether from our job, our family, stressful personal situations or when we need to review and reflect on where we are now. Retreats offer us the opportunity to escape for a while, recharge our batteries, rget more creative, replenish our soul, discover a more spiritual way of being or maybe learn things about ourselves we never knew we knew. I offer two kinds of retreats.


Transformational retreats with Zoe help you regain your spark, align with your life purpose, reconnect with your passions and explore your soulful needs. These retreats place over a few days, away from the hurly burly in gorgeous venues with tasty homemade food, guaranteed to feed your mind, body AND spirit. They include thoughtful discussion, gentle walks (weather permitting), creative activities and oracle cards for guidance.


Tarot retreats give you enjoyable time and space to develop your intuitive gifts through tarot and oracle cards, learning how to read for yourself and others whilst sharing time with your spiritual tribe. They may be just one-day retreats or longer, but always in lovely places that will satisfy your spiritual as well as creative needs. Included in every retreat is plenty of time to practise tarot and explore the magic within the decks and also tasty treats to nourish your soul.

Tarot with Zoe Retreats

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Zoё Dawes aka The Quirky Coach

Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach

As a professional life coach, experienced trainer, intuitive tarot reader and friendly business mentor, I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world solve their problems, discover their purpose in life and find the spark that motivates them to be their very best self. I look forward to helping you too!

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