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6 Simple Tips for keeping New Year Resolutions

6 Top Tips for keeping New Year Resolutions

If, like many of us, you are not doing New Year Resolutions this year, that’s very understandable! It’s been a very tough few years and just to have survived feels like a major achievement. At this time of year, I falways ind it difficult enough to do much more than try to keep warm, stay vaguely focused on the job in hand and hopefully plan a holiday to warmer climes …

However, I do believe that ANY day is good one to make a change, do something different, be it big or small. So, if you do have some things you’d like to achieve in 2022, here are my top tips for keeping

New Year Resolutions

Do something you will ENJOY.

If you want to get fit or lose weight, find a form of exercise or activity you want to do. Don’t join a gym if you know you hate them. If you like company find a club that has other like-minded people.  Check out the paper for unusual classes, night school classes, be brave and take a risk. Make it FUN!!

Focus on the POSITIVE benefits rather than the negatives. 

If you want to cut down on drinking, smoking, eating etc list all the advantages of doing it, and keep reminding yourself of this.Be REALISTIC – you know what you are capable of, what might stop you achieving your goals and how likely you are to carry on.  Take this into account from the start and choose realistic outcomes that you can succeed at over time.

Get SUPPORT from others

Research has proved that telling others what you are aiming for and asking for help greatly increases your chances of success in personal and work life. So tell friends, put it on Facebook, get a buddy or join a group so you can help each other. Coaching has been proved to help make changes stick so you could find a professional coach who specilaisis in what you want you want to do, who will support your resolutions in YOUR way.

Plan and organise yourself

Write down your resolutions, goals or aims in a book, in digital form or planning your day, week, month, year helps to keep on track. 

Go EASY on yourself. 

Life has a way of throwing things at us when we least expect it and this can affect how able we are to manage change.  Take each day as it comes and if something stops you from achieving success, don’t be downhearted; just deal with what needs to be done and get back on track as soon as you can.  And remember – if you have chosen to give up, it is YOUR choice. Acknowledge that and move on …

“Change can be a growth-full and positive experience. It depends what you do with it. And, as change is a more likely fact of life in the 21st century, you better get used to it.” Sharon Eden

Looking for some support to help you keep to your New Year Resolutions? I can help with 1-1 coaching so get in touch to find out how.

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