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Learn Tarot – Beginners Course

This intriguing and fun course is designed for anyone interested in learning about the Tarot, the meaning of the cards, how they give guidance and support to everyday situations and how to do a simple 3-card intuitive reading

Learn Tarot with Zoe aka Quirky Coach

Learn Tarot Beginner Course: 1-1 personal tuition

Designed for novices, Learn Tarot for Beginners is 6 sessions of 1.5 hour Zoom lessons that will give you all the tools you need to do simple read Tarot Card readings for yourself. This is NOT a digital online course! Professional coach and experienced tarot reader Zoё Dawes will PERSONALLY guide you through this inspirational programme. You will:

SESSION 1: Introduction to Tarot and its history. Choosing the right deck. Understanding the cards.

SESSION 2: Understanding the Major Arcana and storytelling in Tarot. Using your intuition

SESSION 3: Getting familiar with the Minor Arcana and doing single card reading

SESSION 4: Singles and Pairs. Practical steps to doing a Tarot reading for yourself.

SESSION 5: Asking appropriate questions of the cards. Interpreting a reading.

SESSION 6: Reading for yourself and others. Using a 3-card spread. The Way Ahead

No previous experience is needed for Learn Tarot Beginners Course. All you need is a notebook and a tarot deck. We will using the traditional Rider Waite Tarot Deck in the course. Once registered, you will receive a recommendation for a book to use in conjunction with the course.

What others say:

“I thoroughly recommend this engaging course. Zoë’s cheery, no nonsense, honest approach is a great way to start at the very beginning (cue Julie Andrews 😃). It’s a great way to develop your intuition and have fun with the cards. In just 6 sessions I have learnt SO MUCH. Thank you!” Janet Brindle

“I really enjoyed this Zoom course. The most important thing I’ve learned is to go with your gut and instinct rather than over thinking. This course is about so much more than just learning how to read tarot.” Jane Booker

6 sessions (minimum 9 hours) Personal 1-1 Tuition Zoom Course: £397

Contact Zoe for more details

e: [email protected] m: 07810 082311

Zoë Dawes is a professional Life Coach, clairsentient and intuitive card reader. She has been doing card readings and teaching others for over 15 years. She offers private card readings, workshops, talks and 1-1 Coaching with the Cards.

Zoe Dawes aka The Quirky Coach