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Top 10 Tips for Creative Writing

Creative Writing Top 10 Tips with Zoe Dawes

Top 10 Tips for Creative Writing Success

Creative Writing Top 10 Tips with Zoe Dawes

In today’s hectic world some are losing the impetus to write, unless it via text, social media, WhatsApp etc. yet creative writing is a great way to express our feelings, thoughts, ideas and views. Here are some simple tips to help you get started, whether it’s for a blog post, a novel, a memoir, journal or other medium where you want to communicate with others.

  1. Write simply, don’t try to impress and focus on taking your reader on the journey with you.

2. Become a specialist and have a niche that gives your readers a reason to seek you out.

3. Show, don’t tell; be discriminating with descriptive language which can slow down narrative.

4. Use your own experiences but don’t be afraid to also use your imagination.

5. Create an opener that hooks your reader’s attention straight away.

6. Compose a mental picture using all the senses so they can see, hear, feel and experience with you.

7. Create compelling, relatable characters and plot carefully.

8. Find an original angle, take a different view on a familiar subject.

9. Avoid clichés and overused phrases such as ‘breathtaking view’, ‘vibrant culture‘, ‘life’s a beach’.

10. Be patient – it takes time & energy to develop your writing style but it really is worth it 😊

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